Fika is how the Scandinavians appreciate the good things in life, and this laminate floor is no exception. With a registered in emboss and matt surface that brings its eye-catching designs to life, Fika Laminate floor brings the beauty of elegant wood finishes to your home.

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Sheltered From Water and Dirt

Fika features Canopy, a hydrophobic technology that repels water and dirt for a water-resistant laminate floor that stays in top condition. Stopping moisture ingress and preventing dirt build-up, Canopy is a permanent feature that makes Fika beautifully easy to clean: a natural look that stays in top condition, whatever your project throws at it.

Multi-layer performance

Fika’s resilience is down to its multi-layer construction: a high-performance HDF core – made from 100% recovered wood – combined with a series of top layers for scratch and wear defence. This multi-layer construction, along with our Canopy dirt and moisture protection, means that Fika is a superb performer, capable of withstanding daily use of busy family homes.

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Made With Sustainability in Mind

Fika’s respects nature in its construction with 100% of the wood we use to make it recovered from recycled sources or as a by-product from other industries. The manufacturing processes that go into making Fika also play a part in making it a sustainable option. Our biomass power, energy efficiency and recycled water usage ensure that every Fika laminate floor is made to perform for the planet.

Tailored Edge Profile To Complement Your Specific Design Style

Fika comes with 2 edge styles, accentuating the floor's design intention and decor. Fika 0V square edges fit together flush on all the ends. This result is a sleek and seamless looking transition between planks. Alternatively, Fika 4V floors feature a larger, more pronounced edge detail, with the individual flooring panels clearly delineated. This 4-sided bevelled edge has a distinctive V groove that emphasises the uniqueness of each individual plank.

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