Natural wool properties make wool carpet ideal for every climate, insulating for warmth during winter chills, cooling for relief through sultry summers and keeping room temperatures just right during cool autumn nights and sunny spring days.

Fire Retardant

Wool fibre has a higher ignition threshold than many other fibres and is flame retardant up to 600ºC.

Climate Control

Wool reacts to changes in temperature, absorbing and desorbing large quantities of moisture from the air to control humidity.

Hard Wearing

Wool has an essential structural crimp that allows pile fibres to repeatedly rebound and refresh.

Acoustic Insulation

Wool carpet can act as a sound absorber and also dampens any impact noise in a room.


Wool will naturally decompose in soil. In a matter of months, it will slowly release nutrients back into the earth.


Wool is shorn from sheep every 9-12 months and produced by sheep consuming a totally renewable resource - grass.

Air Quality

Wool fibres rapidly absorb common pollutants from the home or office and retain them until they can be vacuumed out.

Reduces Odours

Research confirms that wool carpet absorbs up to 4 times as many odours as other carpet.

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